Ypeople hosts Learning Week

29th October 2019

Last week saw Ypeople host our first ever Learning Week. Over 30 events, covering almost every topic you can imagine, spanning across all our locations from Orkney down to Glasgow. It was an incredible feat of organisation and participation, and we wanted to share some of those highlights with you all.

Ypeople has always aimed to be an organisation that values learning and promotes professional and personal development. We want all our staff to feel like they can grow and learn in the areas they want to reach their full potential; it’s why Aspiration is one of our core values.

“Made me see more in depth what mentoring and counselling is really about. It made me think about how young people feel and helped me put myself in their position”

Our Learning Week 2019, which launched on 21 October, brought this this value to life through the packed schedule of events. We were delighted to see so many staff and people that use the services getting participate through attending as well as designing and delivering sessions across different Ypeople services. Events varied in topic and length, so there really was something for everyone.

We received great feedback from participants at each session which will use to reflect on and help us to improve Learning Week 2020.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all members of staff who took time to develop training sessions and share their expertise through brilliant workshops such as mindfulness, crafting, and housing benefit advice. Also, a big thanks to our external training partners Andy Gray at ACT Counselling, Alana Friell, Leyla Josephine, Thom Scullion, Elite Training and Charity Learning Consortium for their enthusiasm towards development and for getting involved during the week.

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