The Kettle Chef at Ypeople

22nd March 2019

This month we had a visit from the Kettle Chef. Jack visited us in Glasgow head office, Glasgow Key Fund and then Branston Court to discuss the importance of eating well, even when you are on a budget and have only limited cooking facilities. Using only a Kettle to boil water and a thermos flask, Jack is able to whip up delicious wholesome meals.

Eating well is vitally important not just for your physical health, but also your mental wellbeing. The positive impact in can have on all of us is important to recognise, but even more so when discussing homelessness. Finding yourself in a tough situation, such as living in temporary accommodation, means a home cooked nutritious meal can take on a whole new depth of meaning.

Jack understands this first hand, having been homeless himself with very little to money to stretch across the week. He knows the value of making a little go a long way. This experience is what inspired him to create the Kettle Chef project.

The aim of the project is to offering cooking guidance through workshops, and eventually a cook book. Jack has also teamed up with Ypeople, the Rocktrust, and charity Preptable to create Kettle Chef starter packs which will be distributed to those entering their first home. These packs will include all the essentials for following his recipes, as well as a copy of his cookbook.

Thank you Jack, we are proud to support this project. Look out for more updates and follow Jack at The Kettle Chef.

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