Street Cones

13th January 2020

Last month we were invited by the Street Cones team to participate in their latest workshop “The Road to Change”. After learning about the work Street Cones do, we snapped up the chance for a few staff and people we support to head to Stirling for the day to participate.

“We want to share our work with those who believe there’s a better way to support people to make positive changes through the power of the arts and lived experience” – Street Cones

Street cones offer “Safe Space” workshops where they visit services and tailor the workshop to what each group need. For the event in Stirling the audience were offered a chance to participate in “Safe Space” by creating an improvised performance piece based on their own lived experience. This is an intimidating prospect to most of us, especially given the audience of 100 people on the day. However with support from staff plus the warm and welcoming space created by Street Cones, our services users were happy to volunteer to get up and share. There were also film screenings of previous projects and some drama improvisational exercises, all of this had a huge impact on our group.

Our group were all very engaged with everything Street Cones had to offer, thank you to them for the invitation to participate. We are looking forward to many more opportunities to work with Street Cones in the near future and those who have already had the chance are keen to encourage many more people to get involved.



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