Strathaven Schools debunking myths on homelessness

1st April 2020

Ypeople were recently contacted by a very special P7 class from Strathaven. The class had been working hard on a project all about homelessness, what it really means, who it effects, and how we can all help.

They approached Ypeople because they had seen the work that we do, they loved our values, and they wanted to learn more. Of course we were delighted to help!

First to volunteer were Vicki and Sheridan from Pathways. Pathways is a first stop for anyone transitioning through homeless in South Lanarkshire. They do this in two ways: supported accommodation, and community-based Reach Out work. All the work that happens at Pathways is rooted in our Values: Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Aspiration, and Reflection. Ypeople believes that we all have the right to these values, and they are especially impactful when experiencing a tough life transition like homelessness.

So armed with all their knowledge, experience and values, Vicki and Sheridan headed down with bags of information and had a brilliant chat with the kids.

We are delighted that the p7 pupils in Strathaven were keen to learn more about what homelessness means and we hope that we can work with them again in the future.

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