Staff Stories – Laura Tierney Out of School Care

16th March 2020

We want to bring you the stories from our staff as well as those we support. Our Out of School Care team operates in schools across Glasgow: St Bernard’s, Garnetbank, Kelvindale, Anderston and Cleeves. They work with young people everyday, and strive to create a safe, caring environment and the opportunity to engage in creative play with fun and stimulating activities. Always working with Ypeople values in mind to ensure every young person in gets the best start.

So today we would like to introduce you to Laura Tierney, Out of School Care Manager, as she talks us through what her role is like and why it’s important to her.

Day to day my job is to support the coordinators with the running of the service. I work closely with them and I’m responsible for staff training as well as liaising with the wider Ypeople team to make sure we’re operating in line with our key performance indicators: such as Getting it Right for Every Child, and SHANARRI’ (Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included)

I’ve been with Ypeople for a while now, I’ve worked my way up through different roles in Out of School Care. Initially, I was a casual childcare worker, then I became a part-time childcare worker, then a senior childcare worker, then co-ordinator, but I was delighted to accept the role of manager in 2019.

Most importantly for me I’m also still involved in working with the kids each day

One challenge we face is always to be developing innovative ideas to develop our work with the kids, we always want to make it even better. Ypeople as a whole encourages everyone to focus on technology and that helps us to be always thinking about being flexible and finding new ways of working.

Children are growing up more quickly these days and technology like phones and iPads are important to them too but we’re still very focused on encouraging outdoor play and other activities such as board games which take them away from computers for a while. We’ve brought in games such as Monopoly and Cluedo and it’s great to see them interacting and using their imagination.

I get the chance to visit all the services and help the staff if they need extra support. I think the team like the fact that they get the chance to suggest things which will enhance the service and there are also plenty of opportunities for personal development.

As I’ve moved to different roles within Ypeople, other members of the team have also moved up and that’s great for everyone to see that there’s a real career path ahead of them.

Success for me at the end of the week is knowing that both the children and the coordinators are happy – it’s always great to hear feedback from the tean on the success of different games and activities.

Working with the kids is still, and always has been, the best thing about the job

Thank you Laura for sharing an insight into the important work that you and the team do at Out of School Care do. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved in the work we do across Ypeople the visit – Join Our Team

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