Scottish Housing Day: homelessness during a pandemic

16th September 2020

This Scottish Housing Day at Ypeople we’re reflecting on what it means to have a home, and how this might have changed during the pandemic.

Having a home is central to so much of our lives. More than just a place to sleep at night, our homes are a part of who we are: they’re a place of safety, we reflect our personalities with them by filling them with the things we love, and they’re a place to spend time with the people who are important to us.

But what does it mean to be homeless during a pandemic?

Organisations and communities have wrapped around people experiencing homeless in a way that’s never been seen before. Services have adjusted and adapted at lightning pace to ensure that not only are people accommodated, but that as many as possible are given permanent homes.

At Ypeople we believe that housing is a fundamental part of the solution to homelessness, and that everyone deserves a settled home to call their own. Our Rent Deposit Services in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire have continued to make this possible for people going through homelessness, and like so many others have adapted to a new way of working. An example of this is Paul, supported by Ypeople’s RDS service in Glasgow.

Paul became homeless during lockdown after a relationship breakdown. He had never managed his own tenancy before, and was anxious about how he would cope on his own. He was contacted by the Rent Deposit team on the 30th of April and by the 1st of May was matched with a home in the private rented sector. Paul said he was “over the moon”, and within a week he had agreed with his landlord that he could decorate his new home and proudly sent the team pictures of his handiwork.

Like so many of us, Paul found adjusting to lockdown difficult, but was he supported by the team during this time through telephone and video calls. Paul has not only coped with managing his home but he has blossomed, feeling more confident than ever before.

So, on Scottish Housing Day this year we are celebrating Paul and so many others like him, who now have a place to call their own.

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