Pedal power for Ypeople

6th October 2018

Ypeople’s funds are on track for an unexpected boost thanks to the fantastic efforts of endurance cyclist Celso Fonseca.

Celso came to the UK several years ago to take up a new job but experienced mental health issues and lost his home due to a relationship breakdown.

He spent a number of months sleeping rough on the streets of Cardiff before receiving assistance from his local YMCA hostel. With his health improving, Celso made the successful transition to his own home and rediscovered his love of cycling.

Last year, he decided to attempt to break the 24-hour outdoor track world record and raise funds to increase awareness of the work done by the hostel which supported him.

Ypeople shared the details of Celso’s feat on social media, prompting him to get in touch to offer his support.

In September at Cardiff’s Maindy cycle track, Celso made a bid to break the world record for the greatest distance travelled on a bike in six hours with the aim of raising £150 to support Ypeople’s homelessness services.

Sadly, due to adverse weather conditions, he fell just short of the record but raised £200 in the process.

Celso commented: “I was really pleased when Ypeople shared details of my last attempt on social media and that’s why I decided to offer them my support.”

Ypeople’s CEO, Joe Connolly, said: “Celso has first-hand experience of what it’s like to be homeless and a real understanding of the challenges which people face, very often through no fault of their own.”

“We’re so proud of Celso for his fantastic effort to break the record and for being so generous in raising funds to support our work.”

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