Partnership between Ypeople and YWCA Scotland

4th March 2021

Below is an update from our friends at YWCA Scotland, if you would like more information please contact Fiona McAuliffe at Ypeople on or 07833471487

4th March 2021 – Joint statement from Ypeople and YWCA Scotland

YWCA Scotland is embarking on an exciting new chapter as it becomes an independent charity and demerges from the Ypeople Group, on 31st March 2021.

Ypeople is delighted to have provided a lifeline of support in recent years thereby ensuring this historic organisation’s survival through a difficult time. It fully supports YWCA Scotland’s decision and wishes colleagues every success.

Since the merger in 2016, strong foundations have been created to help YWCA Scotland reach this significant milestone and be in the position to take forward its future ambitions. Collaboration has been at the heart of our work and both organisations look forward to continuing a close partnership.

Why not check all the great work YWCA Scotland are doing by heading over to @youngwomenscotland on Twitter and @youngwomenscot on Instagram.

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