Our young Glasgow residents make an artistic Impact

23rd November 2021

Young people at our supported accommodation in Glasgow enjoyed some creative therapy with Impact Arts and learned to redesign their living spaces.

Nagad (20), from Somalia, says she adored the art classes even though they meant getting used to Scotland’s temperatures for painting in the Ypeople garden!

She said: “I love Scotland…and I just love Glasgow! I am so grateful for all the support from Ypeople, and I am enjoying my English classes at college. Impact Arts was wonderful for me, as I’d love to be a fashion designer one day.”

Ypeople Support Worker Michelle Coulter said: “Our young people were so enthusiastic, and it was lovely to see them flourish and gain confidence. For those who came from other countries, with little or no English, it was a constructive way for them to improve their communication skills and to express themselves.

“We’re proud of all our young people here and we do everything we can to make life better for them. Every individual has a unique journey, so we walk beside them every step of the way.”

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