Ypeer Mentoring

Ypeer is one- to-one mentoring for care experienced young people.

Young adults with care experience volunteer their time to support another young person leaving care or making a life transition. They’ll spend time together, take part in activities and when the time is right the mentor will support the mentee work towards their chosen goals.

Ypeer is open to males and females across Glasgow & surrounding areas.

Mentors should be aged 18 to 30 and mentees 14 to 26

Referral Criteria for Mentees

  • Aged 14 to 26
  • Leaving or considering leaving care or experiencing challenges making other transitions.
  • Would benefit from support and encouragement from someone with similar lived experience.
  • Open to the support of a mentor.

Criteria for Peer Mentors

  • Peer mentors need to be at least 18.
  • Ideally peer mentors should be under 30, however being able to relate well to young care experienced people is more important than age.
  • All types of being looked after and accommodated experiences are relevant, however it is vital a potential peer mentor is well settled and has resolved (as much as possible) any issues from their own care experience.
  • Potential peer mentors will be subject to a Protection of Vulnerable Groups check. However, with the exception of sexual offences, young people should be assured they will still be considered even if they have been convicted or cautioned for a criminal offence.
  • Able to commit a few hours of their week for the ten-week training programme and at least one year of mentoring.

“My mentor gets why I’m so angry sometimes, doesn’t judge me or say I’m wrong just gives me the space to help me work through it.”

If you would like to know more about Ypeer get in touch:

Ypeer Mentoring 
15 Dava Street
Glasgow G15 2JA

0141 565 1200