Your Home

At Your Home we provide support to people aged 16+ who are transitioning out of homelessness to longer term accommodation or those who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Your Home offers a variety of support, and we vary what we types of support we offer depending on what each person needs. We understand everyone has had different experiences and we aim to create relationships based on trust to help build resilience and self-worth.

Homelessness is about more than not having a home. Everyone we work with has a unique journey through this experience and we walk alongside them each step of the way.

“I received help to make it out of a bad situation. I can now see a future for me and my family.”


Our team are experienced in providing support which aims to meet the specific needs of each person we work with.

  • Support provided on housing on an individual basis in a person’s home or in temporary accommodation such as B&B or hostels for homeless people.
  • Support around tenancy issues (like dealing with leases, repairs, deposits, notices, rights and responsibilities as a tenant)
  • Housing options to get council or other housing.
  • Advising or assisting settling into a new tenancy.
  • Advising or assisting a person in understanding and managing their tenancy rights and responsibilities.
  • Support with maximizing income, improve budgeting skills and reducing debt.
  • To refer people to any other specialist advice and support service where there is an identified need including, but not limited to: mental health; addiction; physical health; or learning disability.

Ypeople manages Your Home with our partners Sacro. Commissioned through the City of Edinburgh Council, support is offered in three neighbourhood areas in Edinburgh: the North West, North East and South East. Our partners Sacro compliment the service and offer Early Intervention support via groupwork and mediation in the 3 areas of the city.

Your Home
26 Leith Walk