Pathways provides support to homeless people in South Lanarkshire, and has two elements: a supported accommodation service, and a community-based Reach Out service. Many of the people referred to us from South Lanarkshire Council will have experienced significant trauma and have multiple support needs, which can include mental or physical health issues, addictions, and a history of rough sleeping.

Pathways is a pioneering service in Scotland, and the first designed to offer a Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE) which prioritises the emotional and psychological needs of service users.

Pathways can support up to 31 residents at any one time from the age of 16 and above. Via one-to-one support, workshops and leisure activities, our staff support service users to overcome the barriers they face to living independently.

“I’m now in a happy place and hoping to be moving on with my support plan”

The Pathways Reach Out service assists up to 50 individuals within the community, addressing similar challenges to those in supported accommodation. The service includes a Housing First component, which provides wraparound support to people in permanent tenancies. Many of the people who began their journey out of homelessness by staying in the supported accommodation service receive support from Reach Out when they move into the community, meaning that they never have their cycle of support broken. Reach Out is also offered to those who are on the waiting list for a supported accommodation placement within Pathways.

Referrals come via South Lanarkshire Council, but if you’d like to contact the service please get in touch:

01355 807270