Glasgow Intensive Family Support Service

Glasgow Intensive Family Support Service (GIFSS) is a relationship-based service for families going through tough times.

The ultimate aim is to keep them together and move forward in ways that work best for everyone.

GIFSS works closely with Glasgow’s social services staff, and other charities, to reach families across the city who are at crisis point.

What is our support like? 

  • It’s person-led and strength-based so that family members can find common ground and new hope, amid the most difficult times.
  • Staff meet with families in their homes to fully understand their situations.
  • People are given a voice so they feel valued and are able to express their difficulties and reach joint solutions.
  • GIFSS works closely with other organisations – ranging from social services to schools and the police – to ensure a family’s needs are central to everything.
  • A tailored plan of support is created, so that positive changes can continue.

How do we reach people? 

GIFFS takes referrals from Glasgow City Council’s Social Services. The team then works alongside other charities across the city to get the best joined-up approach for the families involved.