Pathways is a pioneering service in Scotland. It is the first service of it’s kind designed to offer a Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE) and has been supporting people in South Lanarkshire for 18 years. The “PIE” approach is about helping people to overcome negative life experiences through relationship-based support. We understand everyone has had different experiences and we aim to help them build resilience and self-worth.

“I’m now in a happy place and moving on”

At Pathways we provide support to people experiencing homelessness in South Lanarkshire, we do this in two ways: supported accommodation, and community-based Reach Out work.

Pathways supported accommodation can support up to 31 people at any one time from age 16 and above. Via one-to-one support, workshops and meaningful activities, our staff support people to overcome any barriers they may have face to living an independent and fulfilling life.

The Reach Out service assists up to 50 people within the community, with the same PIE approach. Reach Out also includes a Housing First component, which provides unique support to people in permanent tenancies. Many of the people who began their journey out of homelessness by staying in supported accommodation receive support from Reach Out when they finally gain their own tenancy, meaning that they never have their relationship of support broken.

Referrals come via South Lanarkshire Council, but if you’d like to contact the service please get in touch:

01355 807270