LGBT Charter Success for Ypeople

6th December 2018

At Ypeople, we work hard to make sure that all LGBTQIA+ people are included, valued, supported and treated fairly when accessing our services.

So we’re very proud to announce that we have now been awarded LGBT Youth Scotland’s LGBT Charter.

Two photos beside each other: one with the LGBT certificate in a frame beside a rainbow cake; one with staff from Ypeople and Janice from LGBT Youth Scotland and their certificate

(right) George, David, Janice (LGBTYS) and Jane pictured receiving the award

A panel from LGBT Youth Scotland reviewed a wide range of our activities and provided some very positive feedback about our approach to inclusion and the LGBT community.

They described the detailed evidence we provided as “an absolute pleasure to review”, commenting that “every element shines with inclusion” and suggested that it should be used as a model for other charter clients to emulate.

And they reserved particular praise for our How to be an Ally resource which outlines how all Ypeople staff can support their LGBT colleagues, describing it as “fantastic, well considered, useful and relevant.”

The report said that we “excelled at being visibly inclusive” and also commented that “the range of tactics used to highlight LGBT visibility was commendable; particularly the efforts to incorporate LGBT visible inclusion in a psychologically informed environment with the use of framed flags, rainbow love hearts, etc in the Fusion service.”

David Gaughan, Ypeople’s Head of Service Delivery, commented: “It’s great news that LGBT Youth Scotland recognised the clear commitment which everyone at Ypeople has made to being LGBT inclusive and to improving the lives of LGBT people.

“While there has been positive change in some sections of society, there’s still a great deal to be done to challenge some of the prejudices that still exist for LGBT people in our community.”

Next step for Ypeople is to go for the gold award. Watch this space!

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