What is volunteering?

Volunteers are an essential part of our team. Our volunteers and staff work alongside one another to ensure that the people we support are at the heart of the work that we do.

Volunteers are people who possess Ypeople values and want to share experiences with children and young people who may have limited opportunities due to their circumstances. A good example of this relationship building is our Ypeople intandem mentor. Our mentors meet one to one with young people to explore their goals and encourage our young people to be aspirational. They become part of the young person’s life journey and are viewed as role models, but to us they are heroes.

There are several ways you can volunteer to be part of the work that we do at Ypeople. You can get involved with our intandem mentoring, or if you would like to help us in our aim to end homelessness, you can volunteer at one of our services across Scotland.

“Throughout activities I have seen my mentee begin to believe more in himself, try new things and be able to open up more about his feelings. These are strengths that he can take with him as his life moves on.

I know the value of being present, the value of really listening and I have also broadened my knowledge and interest in various things, such as music and books as a result of building a relationship with my mentee. There’s benefits for both of us.”
Michelle, Mentor

Volunteering for a few hours a week can not only make an incredible difference to the people we support, there are proven benefits for you too. Improving skills, advancing your career, and there are even studies to show the benefit volunteering has on your mental and physical health. For more information on the volunteering opportunities we have please check out our current opportunities page.

We are often looking for new volunteers to join our team, particularly if you have had experience of care, or simply understand the important impact a positive role model can have on the life of a young person.

What are the benefits for you?

If you speak to our volunteers, they will tell you that they receive more than they give. Being able to positively impact on someone’s life is the only reward many of our volunteers want. However, we want to invest in you, as we do our paid staff. Our training is fun, interactive and really highlights the benefits as well as the positive influences you, as a volunteer, can have on a person’s life journey. As a volunteer, it’s impossible for you not to gain new experiences alongside the people we support.   Furthermore, you can challenge yourself to learn new skills from both the people and families you support and from the organisation itself.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

intandem provides mentors for young people aged 8-14 years of age who are looked after by their local authority and living at home. We know how crucial it is for all young people to have at least one long term relationship with a positive adult role-model.
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If you are a student, studying a relevant subject, and are located in an area we work, please get in touch.
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