Your recruitment journey

1. Discover
Your journey starts here! Be curious, explore our website and take the time to learn about who we are, why we exist, and the values we live by.

2. Apply
If you feel you’d be a perfect fit for our family, we want to hear from you! Please take the time to fill out our application form. Keep in mind that the Statement of Interest is your chance to share a story and showcase your values.

3. Match-up
We will work away behind the scenes using a unique set of criteria based on the Ypeople values and relevant competencies related to the role when considering your application.

4. Let’s meet
If you’re successful we’ll invite you to interview. Our interviews are relaxed, and our questions shaped by our values. This is a way for us to learn about each other so bring your authentic self on the day!

5. Receive
After interview, if the feelings are mutual, we’ll send you a conditional offer of employment and Disclosure Scotland application. If it wasn’t your day, you’ll be provided with helpful feedback.

6. Checks
We’ll work our magic behind the scenes to get you ready to start your dream job. We’ll send away your Disclosure Scotland application and get in touch with your referees.

7. You’re home
Once you’re good to go, your line manager will give you a call to arrange a start date, and the People Department will send your contract and our welcome pack before your first day. Welcome home!