intandem Volunteer Coordinator

What is your role?

I coordinate the intandem mentoring programme for children and young people who are looked after at home, in residential care or in a formal kinship arrangement. I provide daily support to the volunteer mentors, so that they can best support their mentee. Also, I play a role in safeguarding and supporting the children and families; working closely with our partnership agencies that are involved in the young person’s care plan.

What are the responsibilities?

Due to the experiences and circumstances of the children and families that intandem supports, safeguarding is central in my role as a coordinator. Dealing with Child Protection concerns can bring about some challenges. However, there is a great amount of peer support and reflective practice within the Children and Families Services to overcome and reflect on such challenges.

Witnessing a young person’s self-confidence, self-esteem and their efficacy to complete certain tasks brings me back to the why I do what I do, and why it is so important. Seeing a young person achieving such changes and beginning to start their journey towards a positive destination, really is the highlight of my job!

Why I chose Ypeople?

When I was a Psychology undergraduate student, I was seeking out voluntary work to gain experience with working with children and young people that have faced complex challenges. After doing some research on charities within the third sector, I discovered Ypeople and the intandem mentoring service. I read about some of the fantastic outcomes for young people as a result of the work that Ypeople do and decided that this was definitely the right organisation for me. Mentoring appealed to me due to the relationship-based aspect of the role.

What have I learned?

Within both of my roles at Ypeople’s intandem service, I have learned of the significant impact that a volunteer mentor can have on a young person’s life. Also, I have learned that the third sector plays an important role in supporting positive change in young people’s lives and for safeguarding children and families.

“Ypeople has supported me to develop personally and professionally. It has solidified for me that I have found my purpose in life – to support positive change in young people’s lives, and to have children and young people at the heart of what we do.”

My Journey

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