Asset Coach

What is your role?

I work alongside people in the community transitioning through tough times. As a People First Asset Coach my sole focus is the person I’m working with. Our work is about building on strengths rather than fixing perceived problems. Our goal is to work with the people to gain a deeper understanding of their situation and ultimately work towards the future they want.

What are the responsibilities?

I meet with people in the community to have an open and honest conversation about where they are in life and what they need to get them to their goal. Everything we do is led by the person, it’s about empowering them to lead their own positive change.

The highlight of my job is having these real life conversations, and finding out what people’s strengths and passions are. I love to see people’s reactions when they realise what they want in life. I am truly there to listen and support where I can.

Why I chose Ypeople?

I came to Ypeople as I wanted to progress in my career as a support worker, and have stayed with Ypeople as they have grown in a direction I believe in. I am passionate about helping people and believe that since Ypeople have become a values based organisation this has enhanced every aspect of the work we do.

What have I learned?

Over the years I have attended many training courses which have supported my learning and development. Ypeople really care about ensuring staff have the best training available for the job they are doing.

The most valuable thing I have learnt is that relationship building is the most important aspect of my job.

“Ypeople is like a family, I feel I have grown as a person and I am valued and respected as a staff member. I work with some of the most amazing people who are caring and passionate about what they do.”

My Journey

Support Worker, Fusion
Support Worker, Broomhouse
Support Worker, Your Home
Asset Coach, People First
Current Role