People Engagement Assistant

What is your role?
I am currently the People Engagement Assistant within our People Department. My job role allows me to support new employees, staff and volunteers and ensure everyone feels welcomed and supported when they begin their Ypeople journey. It’s a really rewarding experience and gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of different people.

What are the responsibilities?
Working in the People team, I think we are here to make sure that people in the Ypeople family feel supported at work. For me, I look after the welcoming of new staff. This means recruitment and providing helpful information to new people – like their contract and their welcome pack. Within the HR function, I handle the probationary paperwork and entry questionnaires, and look after our lone working support services for Ypeople staff. Going forward, I’m looking forward to the exciting opportunity of further developing the engagement opportunities for staff and volunteers.

Why did you choose Ypeople?
I was drawn to Ypeople because I really admired the fact the organisation serves various communities across Scotland. Ypeople has a ‘no one gets left behind’ outlook – and that’s important. Back home in Australia, I studied Human Resource Management. Here in Scotland, I worked as a Support Worker in a homeless accommodation in Edinburgh, and I’ve spent a lot of my spare time volunteering. When this job came up, I knew it was for me! It’s really fulfilling to work in a field that I studied, and at the same time, work for an organisation that works to enable positive change in Scotland.

What have you learned?

Learning about the recruitment process, and how this ties into the Ypeople values, I’ve learned how important it is that our values guide our processes within the People department, and also help to drive the employee experience. I’ve learned a lot of useful things about my previous studies, and it’s great to put my previous learning into action every day, but in a broader sense, it’s been an amazing experience to see what can be achieved when people come together with a common vision – that is, to enable positive change.

“The culture at Ypeople is inclusive and dynamic. There is a sense that we all play a collective part in nurturing the Ypeople values.”

My Journey

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People Engagement Assistant
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