My Ypeople journey

Supported Accommodation

What is your role?
I’m a Support Worker for Ypeople at Pathways in South Lanarkshire. We work with people experiencing homelessness, supporting them through their journey to finding their own home. I started in June 2019 so I am still fairly new.

What are the responsibilities?
As a support worker my goal is to build relationships of trust. We want to make sure that anyone who comes to Pathways finds someone who will give them unconditional support; Someone who they can speak honestly to and help them find their own way. It’s important to stay in the moment and be someone consistent, helpful and people centred. It is a job and a friendship.

Why I chose Ypeople?
For years I thought about working in some form of support. I like hearing people’s points of view and their stories; I find offering support an inspiring thing to do. As a young man growing up, I saw a lot of issues with drugs and mental health and I appreciated the way Ypeople openly approach these issues. When I read more about Ypeople’s values they really resonated with me. It also really interested me to see all the training available that comes with a Support Workers Role: courses in trauma, addiction, counselling techniques, substance misuse, and more. I still have plenty to learn.

What have I learned?
In one year I have learned more about people, life, and myself than in several years in other places. I learned a lot from the people I support and the staff. As a creative practitioner I’ve also been given the opportunity to bring my own knowledge and experience to my role. I love inspiring people to try being creative and giving them the chance to see the benefits.

“One thing that stands out to me are the friendships I see being built. Despite people seemingly having lost everything they help one another. I have had the chance to see it and it breaks any stigmas.”

My Journey

Studied performance at the School of Jaques Lecoq
Touring actor
Ypeople Support Worker
Current role