“It’s more than a roof over your head”

13th January 2021

Lauren, a self-confessed, true-crime TV addict, shares what living in our Branston Court service means to her. After growing up with a chaotic family life, Lauren was referred to our supported accommodation service for young people, where she has been living for over a year.  

I think there can be misconceptions about what Brandson Court is, but for me, it’s much more than a roof over my head. It feels very independent, it’s like having your own flat but with the support and friendships too.

When I first moved in, it was so scary, you don’t know how people are going to be or how you will be treated but I am so comfortable.

It’s safety for a lot of us and the relationships with the staff and other residents have been a big thing that I didn’t necessarily think about when I first arrived. I know it’s a job for the staff, but it feels more than that, they are always here to listen. All the staff are great but my key worker, Willie, has been a massive help in always checking in and being there.

Covid has obviously been really hard, and I do struggle a lot with my mental health, and being more isolated has made it 10 times worse. But the staff have been amazing, and to be honest, have kept everyone going.  

I love the outdoors and think walking in the cold is better than the heat, you just need to make sure you are all wrapped up! Before this lockdown, we managed to walk 12 miles! And before Covid we would do group activities such as the Irn Bru festival or going to the Glasgow trampoline centre. It was good to do things we enjoy and get to know each other better because I would never have met the other residents if it wasn’t through Branston Court.

We are planning to get bikes and go cycling when we can, so that’s something to look forward to! Local businesses have been great and delivered meals to people who can’t get out to the shops, and someone from Warburton’s deliver bread every week, so it’s good that no one goes without.

Being at Branston Court has helped me a lot with my confidence and makes me feel comfortable and safe.

When you come here you might not know much about the outside world on things such as budgeting or cooking! I am a class-a cook by the way –  spaghetti bolognese is my specialty! When people say they don’t like it I joke that we can’t be friends! But it’s good to know you can get help with understanding more about managing money and stuff like that to help when you move on.

I start college at the end of January and will be studying social science. I want to work in criminology. I am obsessed with true crime tv shows and have binged so many Netflix shows, but my favourite has got to be Mindhunter! My focus now is college and then see where it takes me. I am hoping I can watch more true crime shows…for “educational purposes” of course!

I would tell any young person who might be resistant because of relationships in their past, to let their guard down and give services like Ypeople a chance. It might not for everyone but it’s worth a try because at the end of the day everyone is here to help you.

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