intandem Family Mentoring

2nd August 2019

This month saw us host our first Family Mentoring session as part of the intandem mentoring project. Through intandem we support young people aged 8-14 in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire by providing them with a mentor. We know that a positive and supportive adult role-model can make a huge difference to a young person. We’ve had many successful mentoring relationships come from intandem over the years, the success of this drew us to investigate how we could best foster and support these successful relationships within families, this is where Family Mentoring sessions come in.

Our first session was with Jay and his Mum and took place at Locked In, Escape Rooms Glasgow. Escape Rooms are a brilliant place to have fun and work together to solve problems that get you to the finish line. In this case we played The Heist, where we had to find the Diamond (not real sadly). We all had to work hard to sole the puzzles and riddles and track down our treasure, but we did it in great time. Afterwards we shared food at Nandos, it’s a place that Jay loves to eat but somewhere he had never spent time with his Mum. It was just one afternoon, but we built some great family memories together.

Our first session was great fun as well as being a great success. Jay’s mum said it perfectly:

“It was good to finally get time with Jay, teenagers are so busy and finding time for family can be hard”.

We know how hard it is to juggle family life, especially with all the stresses that young people are often faced with. We hope that though days like this intandem Family Mentoring will enable us to support and nurture positive dynamics within the families we work with, and create lasting positive change for them.

For more information on becoming an intandem mentor, or to find out about getting your own mentor contact our volunteer coordinator Caroline at –

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