Homelessness in Scotland 2019 -2020

28th August 2020

The homelessness system we are working in is flawed, we can see that from the rise in statistics shared yesterday by the Scottish Government. Many of the causes we see are preventable, and are often rooted in deep inequality. We need to take a critical look at what isn’t working and bring our focus onto what really matters.

We must acknowledge that a lot has changed for Scotland since March that is not reflected in these statistics. The swift action taken to end rough sleeping during the beginning of the pandemic, and the push on banning evictions. These figures from the Scottish Government also do not include the impact that Covid-19 has had on housing and job security. Now is the time we need to work harder than ever to counter the rise in homelessness and housing insecurity.

We believe that supporting people into permanent affordable homes in the private rented sector is one way we can do this. Preventing homelessness before it begins. We need quality, affordable options to end rough sleeping and tackle homelessness. Working alongside a range of housing providers including private landlords to identify suitable accommodation is the right approach so the private rented sector can play a stronger role as we move forward.

Change takes time but we believe that an end to homelessness in Scotland is possible and we are working towards creating the system changed needed to make this a reality. Pulling together with like minded organisations, as we have with the Everyone Home collective, is an important element in keeping the urgency of action needed to make real lasting positive change for people in Scotland. There is still plenty of work to do.



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