Funding boost for NYPS

7th October 2018

The groundbreaking New Young Peers Scotland (NYPS) initiative has been awarded £10,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund to support asylum seekers and refugees.

Ypeople and its partners at Glasgow Clyde College and Glasgow Social Work Department support the NYPS group which brings together young people who arrived here unaccompanied and seeking refuge.

Earlier last year, they formed the NYPS mentor group which aims to support other young people arriving in Glasgow from non-English speaking countries.

The group is made up of over 15 peer mentors who have themselves experienced some of the challenges which young people have to cope with when they arrive in Glasgow, often without family or friends and unable to speak English.

NYPS mentors can offer youngsters useful information across a whole range of areas such as how to find their way around the city, how to navigate public transport and where to buy clothes, food or other items.

The Heritage Lottery funding will be used by the group to create a mental health first aid kit which young asylum seekers or refugees can use to improve their awareness of some of the issues they may face in their new surroundings.

Ypeople’s CEO Joe Connolly said: “It’s difficult for most of us to imagine just how challenging and disorientating it must be for a young person to arrive in a strange city without a support network.

“Being unable to understand the language and to communicate easily with other people as well as having no detailed knowledge of the city can make life extremely difficult.

“NYPS offers these youngsters really valuable assistance and this new funding award will be extremely useful in expanding the support it can provide.”

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