Calm Project wins National Mentoring Award

11th March 2019

We are delighted to share that the Calm Project has won the National Mentoring Award for Scotland.

Joanne Glennie, one of our Service & Business Managers, and two mentors from the Calm Project, Eleanor Urie and Lauren Ashley, received the award at a star-studded ceremony in London.

This is easily one of the highlights of our year so far, so we took the opportunity to sit down with Eleanor and Lauren to explain why the Calm approach works for the young people they support.

Eleanor: “I believe the main reason why Calm is so successful is that it’s totally focused on the young people we support. It’s all about having the right attitude. We’re not parents, teachers, social workers or police officers.

“We just let young people know that we’re there for them” – Eleanor

If they don’t want to take advantage of the service, we’re not going to force them. They have to make the decision for themselves – we just assure them that it’s completely confidential so they know they can trust us and feel comfortable discussing any issues with us.

That’s why it’s so rewarding when we’re able to establish a relationship while we’re mentoring. I love getting feedback from them. I recently met a young girl I had worked with a few years back – she’s now got a degree and has two kids with her partner. It’s great to see them getting their lives on track and, although I’ve now worked at Calm for more than 13 years, that feeling never goes away.”

Lauren: “I was a Ypeer mentor before moving to Calm so I know how helpful it can be to be able to create a relationship with someone you can trust and who you know is always there for you.

Every young person is different and, while there are some cases which can be simple and straightforward, sometimes the challenges they’re facing can be more complex. Being a mentor is just about being able to form a professional relationship with the young person.

“Hopefully once you’ve got their trust, it becomes more like a friendship” – Lauren

Working with Calm is so rewarding, particularly being part of such a phenomenal team with Joanne and Eleanor, and we were all thrilled when we heard the news about the National Mentoring Award.”

The Calm Project, established in 2002, provides counselling and mentoring to young people involved in anti-social or offending behaviour. Mentoring sessions provide the opportunity to form a consistent and trusting relationship with an adult who supports them to identify their issues and support needs and to work towards achieving person-centred goals.

Many congratulations to the team!

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