Architects of Happiness

24th December 2018

Every year BDP Architects in Glasgow remember us and rally round with donations and plenty of gifts, this year was no exception.

BDP hosted a staff Christmas fair including snacks and a Christmas wrapping station. All proceeds from this were given towards buying presents for our intandem and Calm mentees. This year each mentee wrote a list of Christmas wishes, and thanks to BDP we were able to make sure everyone got what they ask for.

Our pictures speak to what a huge success their fundraising has been. Not only collecting toys and donations, but wrapping and delivering them to our Glasgow offices from where they will be delivered across the city.

A spokes person from BDP said

“this is the 5th year of providing toys to Ypeople and it invokes a feeling of Christmas spirit within our office with all staff coming together to donate to a very worthy cause.”

Thank you BDP for such a generous gesture, you have made a real difference to the young people we work with.

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