About Us

At Ypeople we understand that we all have unique journeys through life. We respect this and we adapt what do to meet people’s needs, whatever they might be.

We put the experiences of those we support first. We listen and work alongside those with lived experience because learning from those with first hand experience is the best way to deliver the most effective strategies. We also know how vitally important it is to offer a platform to those who so often have their experiences marginalised.

Ypeople have been supporting positive change in people’s lives since 1824. We have worked with generations of young people, families, and those in need from across Scotland.

We offer a diverse range of services to reach the widest demographic we can in Scotland. Our services stretch from Orkney, down to the central belt. Offering support, accommodation, mentoring and counselling we work hard for those who need us and we always strive to achieve the most we can for them.